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We create a unique process for each client to ensure that business objectives are met, success is achieved and users are happy.

Instant delivery

Instant Delivery

After your payment is received you instantly get your league of legends account information through email

Account Insurance

Free Insurance

Every league of legends account comes with a minimum of 30 days insurance. Something wrong? You'll get a new account for free!

Account Quality

Quality Accounts

With our years of experience we have created a unique leveling process. This results in extremely low ban rates.



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  • PBE
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Instand Delivery

Choose your server

Pick the server where you would like to buy an league of legends account for. We support all regions. After you have selected a server all available account types will show up.

Free Insurance

Pick your account type

Everyone has different needs so we offer different LoL account types so everyone can pick something they like.

Quality Accounts

Order and delivery

When you click order you will be redirected to PayPal. Once you have paid an email will be sent to your primary PayPal email address automatically containing your new League Of Legends account info.

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As soon as you have paid through PayPal, you will instantly receive an email (to the email address connected with your PayPal account) containing a League of Legends username and password.
We will support you with any account related issues. It can be any reason. If you get hacked, we will try to recover it. Upon failing we will replace your account for free! If you got permanently banned due to account-sharing/buying we will also cover your loss by replacing your account.
After the purchase, it is not allowed to change email or password. It is strictly prohibited to share, resell or in any other way illegally dispose of purchased accounts.
After purchase You can freely change details such as password, add your email adress without any confirmations. Account has no restrictions.
You'll need 20 champions to be able to play ranked. Basic account packages have enough ip to cover this. We recomend you to buy all 450 ip champions and some 1350 ip champions.
Make sure that you check your spam mail folder. If it’s still not there log in here to see your purchases.
If you would like to buy an account using a different paying method, please contact us.
Do not worry, PayPal will automatically convert your currency in to USD meaning you can buy an account with any currency in the world!